About a month ago I was at a shoot for Miss Zoe’s site at StrictMistressZoe.com where they also did a couple of videos for a site ive spoken about on this blog on several occassions, Spanking Bare Butts.com!  So far Miss Zoe had spared the naughty girls from her attentions but Shay pushed her luck a little too far this time and the strictest woman on the planet as Spanking Bare Butts refer to her as didnt hesitate for a moment in putting her across her knees!

Miss Zoe took to spanking girls like a duck to water!  Perhaps not quite as hard as she spanks the guys but way harder than you would see on many if any of the spanking sites out there!  Make no mistake about it this video is HOT with a capitol H O AND T! And it is hot not just because Miss Zoe spanks a girl with one of the cutest and most spankable bottoms around but because both Zoe AND Shay were absoultely AWESOME in their respective roles!  Miss Zoe as the Domme was the essence of pure domination as she always is!  Joining Spanking Bare Butts will get you to see Miss Zoe come out with gems like how she does not like the fact that Shay is taller than her and so to get down on her knees!  And after Miss Zoe style face slaps AND spanking not just with a paddle and her hand but also a slipper, you will see Shay commanded to kiss Miss Zoe’s hand better as it is now uncomfortable!  No concern of course about Shays sore bottom!

And for Shay’s part, she too was awesome!  Showing fear and tears!

Here are a few pics 🙂


A slap across the face and naughty Shay is instantly reduced back to her place and will not give Miss Zoe lip again!


Naughty girl spanked!  But just who is the cutest and with the cutest bottom there?  Just for once its actually quite hard to tell 🙂


And after her smacked bottom naughty Shay must submit to the head girl Miss Zoe by kissing her boots to remind her that she is beneath the strict girl in charge!

As I say, this is some of the hottest woman spanks woman video Ive seen ANYWHERE!  And you will not find Miss Zoe spanking naughty girls anywhere else!  But beware!  As “mere male’s” we rank lower still in Miss Zoe’s eyes and Shays too!  Because later that day, the two ladies teamed up together to spank one of Miss Zoe’s servants for her own site at Strict Mistress Zoe!  And for the Fm spanking fans that really is going to be something to see!

You can see some of Miss Zoe’s style of course over on my blog at FemDom Spanking Blog but dont forget to make sure you visit Miss Zoe at Spanking Bare Butts because this is truly video you will NOT want to miss!  And by the way, in case you did not know, Spanking Bare Butts also have a really great streaming video theater up at Fetish Video Theater!  So those of you who prefer not to keep video on your pc’s can also see much of thier video there also 🙂


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Ready For The Spanking?

🙂 🙂 🙂

What can you say?  This pic above came from our great friends at Northern Spanking and its bound to be loved by pretty much ANY spanking fan!   The FemDom fans will love it because she is one of the prettiest spanking models I’ve seen anywhere in…phew…years!  And the maledom spanking fans will love it because…well…pretty much for the same reason really!  LOL 🙂

The pic below however is entirely one for those of you who want to spank this naughty girl!

Ready For The Spanking?

Imagine that!  Her naughty bottie put to your face!  She is just BEGGING to be spanked isn’t she?  Do you think you could handle that for her?  She desperately needs her quality over the knee domestic spanking time!

Luckily you will be pleased to know she definitely DOES get her spanking over at Northern Spanking so don’t miss out on seeing it…get over there now and see more from this cutie!

Northern Spanking

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Ive just been looking at this picture from Spank My Bottom and with a bottom like that in tight jeans I have to say yes please! 🙂 I couldnt help just pausing as I look 🙂

Spank Her Bottom

These types of shots are amongst my favorite pictures 🙂 There is nothing sexier than a lady in tight trousers, especially when they have been naughty and they bend over for a smack! 🙂 You can almost feel the thud of the paddle in my hand as if you were the one giving her that spanking cant you when she pushes her bottie out like that? Its as if she is daring you to spank her harder! 🙂

You can see the full gallery here by the way. There are lots more pictures of this lady getting her bum spanked there and yes some of them have her bare bottom but they just dont seem as sexy as this one does to me somehow 🙂 But you are welcome to look! 🙂

For more of this naughty girl though be sure to visit her site at Spank My Bottom.com

Spank My Bottom

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Just came across this image at Spanking & Shame You can just imagine how the naughty girl had come to see her doctor after not taking all her course of tablets so has been stripped nude and as she feels the humiliation of standing before the complete stranger nude and ordered to bend over his knee, what could she have been thinking?  If only she had done as she was told it wouldn’t be happening?

Moreover what could he be thinking now?  Got to spank this naughty girl harder…look at her bottie cheeks bounce? You cant help wishing it was you with her over your knee like that can you?

See the video now at Spanking & Shame!

Tip…for best value, buy the VIP spanking pass instead!

VIP Spanking

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