Where Have You Been?

Jodie climbs over a wall in order to get onto the veranda, she mustn’t get caught – she’s walks stealthily past the shuttered windows, another couple of steps and she will have got away with it … unfortunately, Headmaster Tom sees her and asks her where she’s been. She tells him she’s been to school. Catching hold of her arm, he spins her round and spanks her hard with his hand – on top of her jeans. He repeats his question and she repeats her answer.

Eventually she admits she’s been to the cinema. Headmaster Tom says he already knew because the school had reported her absence.

Ordering the quaking girl to remove her shoes, jeans and knickers, he leads her away – to a garage. Telling her to bend down and hold onto some piping he starts caning her on her sweet little bottom. The stripes on top of stripes criss crossed leaving livid red welts where the cane had visited.

He insists that she apologises, then he tells her to repeat her apology after each stroke of the whippy rod.

By the time he had delivered twenty five strokes of the cane, her bottom was on fire.

He leaves her kneeling on the garage floor with her hands on her head – reflecting on what has just happened to her and why.

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Personal Records

Mr Lewis couldn’t find his laptop and spent all day looking for it – he then checked the footage on the CCTV camera in his office and there was Jane carrying it away.

Poor Jane is busy using the laptop in the privacy of her own room, oblivious to what is about to happen to her.

She closes the laptop as her bedroom door bursts open and a very annoyed Mr Lewis storms in.

He checks to see what she has been using the laptop for. She has altered her grades in three subjects, so that she is now showing as having three A’s.

Mr Lewis points out the seriousness of upgrading her own marks and tells her he’s going to use three different implements on her bottom.

She’s bending down over the couch and he pulls down her track suit bottoms and then he delivers six strokes of the carpet beater to her slim young bottom.

The next implement he uses is the wooden paddle. This makes her bottom cheeks bounce under the onslaught; they are by now very red and sore looking.

A short hand spanking suffices as a warm up – ready for the cane.

The thick cane leaves its mark across her poor bottom right from the first stroke. She is asked to count the strokes aloud. Trying it on, she miscounts but he notices so she has to endure an extra stroke. When the punishment is over she has to thank Mr Lewis for having to punish her.

He reclaims his laptop, telling her he’s going to change her grades to all D’s and she is going to have to work really hard to become a straight A student by the end of the month or she will receive another caning.

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Broken Glasses

Headmaster Tom, lulled by the warm sun is sleeping on a bench on the patio outside Girls Boarding School.

Amy tip toes towards him, she is after the keys he is holding. Slowly, carefully she gently prises his fingers away from them and with a grin of triumph she quietly lets herself into the lounge – closing the door behind her.

She rummages through some drawers in the dresser – and is delighted to find some chocolate, which she eats immediately.

Getting more ambitious, she opens a cupboard door and that is when disaster strikes. Her opening the door swept some glasses onto the stone floor. The sound of breaking glass echoed through the house – and wakened Headmaster Tom; he couldn’t understand what had happened to his keys.

However, as Amy hadn’t locked the door, he let himself into the house.

The poor girl was in shock and was stood there cowering – unable to move.

He didn’t notice the broken glass at first – he’s angry with her for being in the lounge without permission. But when he does see it, he’s outraged. He’d only received those glasses that morning and they had cost him two thousand six hundred dollars.

Amy is going to be punished like she has never been punished before in her life.

She has to bend over the sewing machine cabinet and wait in that position while he goes to fetch the thickest cane he can find.

At first he canes her hard on top of her knickers – causing her to yelp after each stroke. Then pulling her knickers down to her mid thigh – he continues with the caning.

She is told to change her position to bending down touching her toes – she has difficultly keeping still, so she is ordered back over the sewing machine cabinet.

He tells her he’s going to give her six hard and fast strokes, and then she can have a ten minute break before the next part of her punishment takes place.

Amy is left standing in the corner with her hands on her head. And she has to recite loud and clear – ‘I’m a naughty girl, I’m a stupid girl and I deserve many more strokes of the cane.’

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Just the Belt

The post has just arrived at Girls Boarding School and Headmaster Tom is furious at the contents of one of the letters.

He immediately, shouts for Kathrin – but getting no reply he goes looking for her. She hasn’t heard him calling as she is in the shower.

Bursting in on her, he’s ranting and raving about a speeding ticket he’s just received. Kathrin was the one behind the wheel on the day of the speeding offence. The poor girl is in real trouble – she was driving without a licence and also she had no right to drive Headmaster Tom’s car ever.

He orders her to get dried and be lying on her bed in readiness for a dose of the belt; he promises to return in two minutes.

At first when she comes out of the shower and has dried herself, she modestly covers herself with the large yellow towel. But by the time he joins her, she is obediently lying face down on the bed.

Giving her thirty very hard strokes of the belt on her previously reddened cheeks; that have now gone from red to purple.

However, he still has not finished punishing her and tells her to turn over onto her back – with her legs up in the air.

She receives a further fourteen strokes while she is in the diaper position.

Flinging the belt down on the bed, he leaves her gingerly attempting to rub away the hurt in her poor thrashed bottom.

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Teasing Mr Collins – Part 02

Maggy had spent several very painful minutes over Headmaster Tom’s knee – being on the receiving end of a hand spanking on her bare bottom.

This punishment was because she had teased Mr Collins the school’s bodyguard.

With her shorts and knickers gathered around her ankles, she had hobbled out of the kitchen onto the patio – to apologise to Mr Collins and to allow him to see her sore red bottom with the compliments of Headmaster Tom.

He accepted her apology and asked for a glass of cold water.

Maggy goes indoors and pours some water into a glass – then stirs in a very generous helping of salt.

Innocently, handing him the glass – she goes back indoors.

Mr Collins sits back in the lounger and with a contented sigh he takes a long sip of the cool liquid – and immediately spits it out.

Poor Maggy, finds herself back in the kitchen – bending forwards from the waist with Headmaster Tom once again dealing with her naughty bare bottom – only this time he’s using the wooden paddle and Mr Collins is invited to witness her punishment.

He isn’t satisfied until he’s brought that cruel wooden paddle down on every square inch of her writhing bottom.

Yet again she apologies to Mr Collins.

Headmaster Tom sternly warns her that if there is a next time – it won’t be him administering the spanking but Mr Collins himself. And she should take note of Mr Collins’ muscular tattooed arms.

He and Mr Collins then leave the kitchen. Maggy’s instructions are to stand facing the wall with her hands on her head for two hours – her shorts and knickers round her ankles and her sore red bottom fully on display.

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Abi’s Confession, Long & Hard OTK

Headmaster Tom has returned to continue with Abi’s punishment.

She is now going to be punished for cheating in her diploma exam. He tells her that he is going to hand spank her in six sets of thirty seconds each.

She obeys him without question and lies over his knee; he clamps his right leg over her legs – so restricting any movement from her.

Giving her a watch, he tells her she should tell him when she is ready for the spanking to start. When the thirty seconds are up, she should tell him loud and clear to stop – and not a second too soon.

By the time the third set of thirty seconds had passed, her poor bottom is looking and feeling very sore.

Then after the fourth set – Headmaster Tom admits that his arm and hand are aching and sore, so he tells her to go and fetch the hairbrush from the bathroom.

Although the hand spanking has turned her bottom into a blazing inferno – the hairbrush makes it even sorer.

For the final and sixth set – still using the hairbrush, he spanks her hard and fast.

Then sending her back to stand in the corner, he promises to be back in an hour to continue with the punishment.

Her third crime was masturbating in church.

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Wet Wet Wet

Naughty Maggy sees Mr Collins the school body guard standing at the edge of the pool and she just can’t resist sneaking up behind him and pushing him into the water.

He swims to the side of the pool and clambers out – dripping wet, wet, wet.

Headmaster Tom is not amused and shows his displeasure by using a carpet beater on top of her panty hose covered bottom.

Her squeals of pain make it plain that the punishment is getting through.

Once Headmaster Tom is satisfied that he has dealt with her adequately, he sends her off to apologise to poor Mr Collins.

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A Broken Wristwatch

Headmaster Tom has arrived home, only to find a note from Linda, apologising for breaking his wrist watch while cleaning the house.

Taking the stairs two at a time, obviously very keen to give her a severe punishment that he believes she so richly deserves.

Linda is waiting for him in her room. She is naked, her blonde hair tied up in a pony tail; pert breasts with stiffened nipples showing her fear of what is to come. Her beautiful shapely bottom is still red and bruised; signs of a previous spanking; not too long ago.

He is reading aloud from her note. She has told him she deserves a severe punishment – about two minutes of a hand spanking then a few strokes of the cane. He strongly disagrees and tells her she will be spanked for at least two minutes and the cane will be a lot of strokes.

Ordering her to get over his knee; he puts a lot of force behind each spank, not holding back at all. Her poor previously ill treated bottom is soon a fiery red. However, as she is wriggling about so much, Headmaster Tom clamps his leg over hers so leaving her less room to move about in.

Then instructing her to kneel on the bed, he administers ten strokes of the cane to her luscious bottom. Blue white welts criss cross over the blazing orbs as the cane bites viciously into her tender cheeks.

He leaves her lying on her tummy, sobbing and whimpering into her pillow. Poor Linda, she didn’t deserve that did she?

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Office Absence

Sophie is standing facing the wall – her jeans and knickers are pulled down to mid thigh and she is holding a Punishment Request Document behind her back.

Headmaster Tom comes into the room and tells her to turn round to face him, then to read out loud what is written on the document.

She does so occasionally gulping nervously as she reads what is going to happen to her – immediately.

He sends her up to her bedroom to prepare for her punishment – he promises to join her in two minutes.

When he enters her room she is lying face down on the bed, a pile of pillows under her tummy, so raising her bottom up high ready for the twenty five strokes of the leather belt.

She cries out each time the belt makes contact with her poor bottom and she screws up her face in agony.

As the twenty fifth stroke lands on her very sore red bottom – Headmaster Tom without a word leaves her lying there whimpering softly to herself. Gently she runs her finger over the raised welts on her tender behind.

She vows to herself – never to be absent from the office again.

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Cold Shower

Maggy is so happy and really enjoying herself. What more could a girl want? With a hand rolled cigarette in her mouth and in between taking puffs of it she’s scoffing crisps, a self satisfied smile on her face and the occasional giggle, then her head drops onto her arms and she’s asleep.

Meanwhile, Headmaster Tom is looking for her, dinner is ready and he wants her indoors. She doesn’t answer him when he calls her.

When he does find her he is genuinely concerned because he can’t wake her up. Then he finds a small jar on the table, he sniffs at the contents and immediately realises that Maggy – one of his students at Girls Boarding School was a junkie and she was zonked out after taking drugs.

He knows the cure for that, a cold shower. She’s in a drug induced stupor, but amazingly comes awake as the cold water drenches her.

Back indoors he tells her to go to her room and prepare herself for some punishment.

When he joins her, she is kneeling on the bed with her bottom up high waiting for the caning she knows she is about to receive.

As the cane descends onto her bottom she cries out loudly. But he has no mercy on her and carries on with the caning. He tells her he’s disgusted with her – a girl at his school is a drug addict.

He changes canes – the one he is now using is a thinner one and much whippier.

For the final part of the punishment she is told to lie on her back with her legs in the diaper position.

She has a well caned striped bottom – when he leaves the room she is lying with her legs up and tears trickle down her face – poor Maggy.

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