Emma’s Exams

Headmaster Tom shouted to Emma to come upstairs to his study – as they needed to have a discussion.

Poor Emma enters hesitantly, wondering what she has done this time.

He barks at her to remove her tartan skirt and get over his knee. She hurries to obey. Her punishment starts immediately. The wooden backed hairbrush soon has her sobbing and squirming about over his knee and she still has her green gym knickers on. He then pulls them down to midthigh and carries on making her already sore red bottom even sorer and redder.

All this time he keeps asking her does she know why she’s over his knee being spanked, she insists she doesn’t – so he enlightens her.

Three times before she had failed her exam – now for the fourth time she has failed; and he is not at all pleased with her.

Headmaster Tom tells her that she is going to receive a similar hairbrush spanking every day until she passes her exam.

Standing in the corner facing the wall, with her hands on her head, her bottom is glowingly red.

He leaves the room to make a phone call.

Taking her hands off her head, she transfers them to her poor burning bottom in a rather fruitless attempt to rub away the pain.

Headmaster Tom comes back into the room and catches her rubbing her bottom – he reminds her to put her hands back on her head, he then leaves her to think over what’s in store for her each day until she passes her exam.

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Never Caned Before

Oh dear, poor Lucy is in trouble again. Headmaster Tom has just received a phone call from Mr Peterson. Lucy has some books that need either returning or paying for. He calls her down to his office and she must be in the nude.

Headmaster Tom is really annoyed with her as he didn’t even know she had ordered the books.

However, the books are in no condition to be sent back as she has written notes in the margins of each book.

He balances the books on her outstretched hands – they’re heavy so her arms are inclined to droop and Headmaster Tom has to keep reminding her to hold her arms up high. He leaves her standing there holding the books and reciting ‘I’m a stupid girl and deserve to be punished as severely as possible,’ – over and over again.

When he returns he’s holding a selection of canes. He lets her choose one.

Telling her to bend over the table – she lies there waiting in trepidation for the first stroke of the cane to sear her sweet little bottom. She confides in Headmaster Tom that she’s never been caned before. His retort is that in a very short time she won’t be able to say that again.

The cane cruelly cuts into the tender flesh of her bottom, causing her to scream out in agony.

At the end of the caning, her bottom is red and there are angry raised welts striping it.

Then Headmaster Tom tells her to sit on a hard chair. She lowers herself onto it gingerly, but he insists that she puts her legs down and her hands on her head. He leaves her sitting there – reflecting on the reason why she had just been caned.

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Good Night Punishment

Poor Claire is lying naked flat on the bed while Headmaster Tom is reddening her bottom with the leather tawse.

However, she has very limited movement as he is holding her down with a firm hand in the small of her back and her whimpering cries are completely ignored by him.

Then for the next scene her position alters; now she is kneeling with her bottom up high and within easy reach of the supple leather tawse.

Finally while still in the kneeling position, he changes to using a cane to further punish her very sore red bottom.

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She Will Never Learn

Headmaster Tom is apologising profusely on the phone to Mr Thompson – who is very annoyed by the way Sally has been acting.

Meanwhile, Sally with her hands on the wall and her beautiful shapely bare bottom up high is awaiting punishment. Mr Thompson has told Headmaster Tom that she deserves a good hard caning and Headmaster Tom agrees with him wholeheartedly, as she has to be caned regularly – it seems she will never learn.

He puts the phone on a shelf – close enough for Mr Thompson to hear her being punished.

The caning starts and poor Sally gasps and groans as the whippy cane makes contact with her quivering bottom. The two brutes have agreed how many strokes she should receive, but the number is withheld from her.

Part way through the punishment Headmaster Tom checks with Mr Thompson that he is satisfied with the way she is being dealt with so far. It is then Mr Thompson suggests that she changes position to bending down – touching her toes.

So the last half dozen strokes of the cane are applied to her already sore bottom, leaving definite cane marks that are likely to last for several days.

Mr Thompson thanks Headmaster Tom for ensuring that justice has been done.

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Cold, Dark and Painful

In readiness for her imminent punishment – Dana is lying on her back on a table; her legs are up in the diaper position and she waits with fear and trepidation for Headmaster Tom to arrive.

When he does come into the room he’s carrying a cane – and she soon realises that he’s hell bent on caning her without any further delay. Her black lacy knickers are pulled down her legs and right off.

Each time the cane descends on her poor bottom she cries out and her fingers furl and unfurl on the white towel that she is lying on.

By the time the thirty fifth stroke is delivered her bottom is a criss cross of cane marks and livid raised welts.

She is then told she can lower her legs so that they are bent with knees pulled back towards her chest.

Very carefully Headmaster Tom balances the cane on her legs.

Before he leaves her he says she is to spend the whole night in that position and he’ll see her in the morning.

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Abi’s Confession – The Thin Rattan Cane – Angle 01

Headmaster Tom comes into the lounge of Girls Boarding School and tells Abi that her two hours corner time is up.

Now she is about to receive her first session of the thin rattan cane.

He tells her to stand facing the couch and to bend forward with her hands splayed out on the cushions. She wastes no time and obeys him without question.

The actual strokes of the cane make her gasp and her knees buckle, but each time she recovers quickly and the caning continues.

She is receiving this severe caning because she has asked Headmaster Tom to do it.

Having to thank him and says she’s sorry after each stroke does seem to stick in her throat a little – but she swallows her pride and thanks him.

Part of her confession was having damaged her boy friends car – so Headmaster Tom thinks that rather than telling him she’s sorry, she should be apologising to Andy instead.

After a little bit of argument from Abi – he dials Andy on her mobile phone and tells him she wants to speak to him.

She apologises then Headmaster Tom takes the phone off her and tells Andy how she is being punished – and receives some encouragement from the aggrieved young man.

Several strokes later, her bottom is red and striped and she has now had caning part one.

He asks her what she has learned so far. She tells him – that she should admit to the thing she has done and not try to hide it.

So he gives her some homework to do. He hands her a piece of paper and tells her to write a total of fifty lines – twenty five on each side of the paper – and she is to write what she has learned.

She is ordered back to the corner for another hour and she has to write the lines neatly and with no spelling mistakes or the whole session will have to start from scratch again.

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Justine just can’t resist it – Mr Lewis has gone into the store room and left the key in the lock.

She tip toes across the stone flagged floor and with a gleeful grin on her face she locks the door, makes a rude gesture at Mr Lewis and skips off – taking the key with her.

Poor Mr Lewis can be seen through the glass panel on the door – rattling the handle and demanding the door be opened immediately.

He is a prisoner for thirty minutes before Headmaster Tom becomes aware of the situation.

As there is no key – Headmaster Tom kneels down and like a pro he picks the lock.

The two men have a discussion on what to do with Justine and together they go in search of her.

Poor Justine is now being dragged by the two of them. The skimpy blue shorts that she was wearing earlier have been removed so revealing her bare bottom.

Headmaster Tom sits on a high backed chair and hauls Justine over his knee for a warm up hand spanking. He promises to deal with her and he will let Mr Lewis see the results later.

Justine in an attempt to get away from the punishing hand, wriggles and kicks out so that he pins down her legs by putting one of his over hers.

Ordering her to stand up, he goes off to find the canes – one thick the other thin.

Facing the wall she is told to bend at the waist and put her hands on the wall. Her lovely but reddened bottom is now in a good position to receive the thick cane.

He then changes over to the thinner and whippier cane. For this part of the punishment she is ordered to bend down and touch her toes. He delivers the strokes at a quicker pace.

For the final part of the caning she is told to count and thank him after each stroke and ask for the next one. She is in so much pain – she is disorientated and makes a mess of what she is supposed to be saying so he starts again from one.

Then to make things worse – after the sixth stroke she asked him for the next one – and he was only too pleased to oblige.

Leaving her kneeling on the stone floor, with hands on her head, Headmaster Tom keeps his promise and seeks out Mr Lewis.

The two men survey her very red, bruised and sore bottom.

Mr Lewis believes justice has been done to Justine and agrees with Headmaster Tom that she should be left in that position for two hours.

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A Pure Caning

Poor Linda is in trouble again and Headmaster Tom is showing her the error of her ways by giving her a pure caning.

She’s kneeling on her bed – with her hands resting on the floor. This position causes her bottom to be up high and easily accessible to the cane.

He sympathises with her regarding the position and tells her he knows it’s not comfortable for her, then he goes on to tell her she’s going to be even more uncomfortable in the next few minutes.

The cane is applied to her pyjama covered bottom; the thin material of the trousers is no protection from the sting of the cane.

Her pitiful cries of pain are ignored and when she protests and asks for no more please, he says he’s only just started.

He bares her bottom that is already showing the cane marks and some bruising; he then uses his hard hand to bring the colour back to her quivering cheeks.

Taking a firm grip of the cane, he finishes off the punishment with some well aimed strokes – making her poor bottom redder and sorer.

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Learning or Swimming?

Headmaster Tom has left Samantha on her own for two hours so that she could do some studying. However on his return to see how she was getting on – she had very little to show for it.

He gives her a chance to redeem herself, telling her he’s got an important appointment in town and will trust her to buckle down to her homework and she should be in bed by the time her gets back.

Left to her own devices, Samantha pushes her books aside – does a little dance of victory and removes every stitch of her clothing – before running out into the bright sunshine and diving into the pool.

Unfortunately, it’s only ten minutes later and Headmaster Tom returns, he’s forgotten something.

Not finding Samantha with her head in a book, he asks himself – where is the stupid girl?

Looking out onto the patio he sees her splashing about in the beautiful blue water of the swimming pool at Girls Boarding School.

Poor Samantha is ordered to come out of the pool and return indoors. Handing her a towel he tells her to dry herself and report upstairs for a punishment session.

Slowly, very slowly – her heart beating in her throat, she goes up the stairs.

He tells her to bend down and hold onto each side of the coffee table; her legs are to be straight and parted.

The leather paddle landing on her poor innocent bottom causes her to wince, cry out and gyrate her hips.

Her bottom changes from a smooth pinky white colour to a blazing red.

At the end of the paddling – she has to kneel on an armchair with her hands on her head, and to keep that position until he returns in two hours.

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Abi’s Confession – 24 Belt Strokes in Lunge Position

Abi was still in position – kneeling on a wicker stool when Headmaster Tom comes back after two hours.

When she asks if she can get off the stool as her knees are hurting – he insists on her staying there a little longer.

He discusses with her what her punishment is going to be and why. She is to receive 24 strokes of the belt – while in the lunge position. But first he wants her to explain how she managed to masturbate while in church – without other members of the congregation seeing her.

Headmaster Tom tells her that it’s not his job to pass judgement on her, but to make sure she never repeats the disgusting act ever again.

She is wearing a camisole – he tells her to take it off as he wants her to be totally nude.

She’s instructed to count backwards.

As the leather belt snakes across her burning cheeks – she chants 24 – 23 – 22 – 21 until she reaches 5 – the final four strokes come fast and hard.

When he asks her if she’s ever going to masturbate in church again, she is quick to answer – ‘never again.’

However, although this punishment is over, he tells her she is to stay in the lunge position for another two hours – and he’s not interested in how much pain she’s in.

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