Wow just take a look at the latest as one of my fave strict gals, red headed (literally) gets a sore bottom to match her hair!  Training has never made her bottom sting and smart as much as this as he is soundly hand spanked by her trainer!

As Firm Hand Spanking put it!

Enjoying her palatial new home, Alison Miller has fired her physical trainer and booked a replacement for her new series, Diva Trainer. Alison’s diva attitude is adjusted as Eric Strickman gets to it with a 230-smack hard, fast spanking, 143 bare bottom. Perfect!

And as usual, I have a few of the great domestic spanking pics :-)

One of the best bottoms for spanking around 🙂

And you can see the video and more of the pics now online now exclusively at Firm Hand Spanking!  Be sure not to miss this one :-)

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Alison Miller is spanked hard and fast by a new disciplinarian ‘trainer’ At Firm Hand Spanking, 6.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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