Improving Techniques

Headmaster Tom calls Mr Harrison – a new teacher at Girls Boarding School, into his office.

He is not entirely satisfied with the new teacher’s technique when punishing the girls.

So he tells Mr Harrison he needs more practice. He suggests that he starts off by dealing with Linda – who has been a very naughty girl.

The scene is set. He lays out the various implements on the table – makes sure the camera is at its best angle and then calls Linda in.

She creeps in – looking and acting nervously. He instructs her to bend over the table.

The first instrument he chooses to use is the carpetbeater. He uses it on top of her navy blue school skirt. Each time it makes contact with her bottom, she whimpers. He follows up with the birch – after a half dozen strokes, he bares her bottom and the next six strokes can be seen to make her already sore red bottom even sorer and redder.

In turn he uses the cane, the leather tawse and the wooden paddle.

Finally, he feels he has done his best – Headmaster Tom will be watching the video later and commenting on his technique.

Now Linda is told to stand in the corner holding up her skirt with her well punished bottom in full view.

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